Krond-Flast: Baroque Jazz

WHAT: Public Masterclass, Public Jam
WHERE: Matai Garden, Imphal Evenings
WHEN: 19-20/10/18 … More ›Krond-Flast: Baroque Jazz

What Where When
Public Masterclass
Public Jam
Matai Garden
Imphal Evenings

Our Pre-Festival program will be kicked off by a public jam with Krond-Flast, a Swiss Baroque Jazz duo with Regula Schwab on the violin and Lucien Dubuis on bass clarinet. We also have a public masterclass with the duo organised in collaboration with Quill School of Music.

Public Masterclass: 19/10/18 | Matai Garden
Public Jam: 20/10/18 | Imphal Evenings

We are grateful to Pro Helvetia for supporting this Pre-Festival Event.